Administration Guide


There are 3 areas that are to be observed by one or more administrators:

  1. User Account Related (Role 'User Admin'): the user administrator deals with the activation of new user accounts (when configured as mandatory), inactivates user accounts, assigns user roles when necessary and can inspect the contact data of registered user accounts.
  2. Project Related (Role 'Project Admin): the project administrator can inpsect established project and project namespaces, can assign/remove project members to/from all projects and creates the so called regulation profiles, i.e. 'functionality packages' that define the amount of resources a project can use (said regulation profiles are exposed and thus made usable as products by a Accounting & Control Admin).
  3. Accounting & Control Related (Role 'Accounting Admin'): the accounting admin exposes regulation profiles (which are created by a Project Admin) by creating products that provide said profiles, approves extended functionality for OSS projects (depends on configuration) and handles incoming payments on commercial Naggregator instances.

    So who is initially the administrator? Upon installation, Naggregator provides a single user account that has all administration related roles assigned: 'admin' (password 'admin'). Use said account to assign administrative roles to further user accounts if required.

    All administrative functionality is available using the web frontend which can be accessed at http://host.example/nag-web-jsp/user/entry/welcome.

Regular Maintenance Duties?

The amount of regular administrative duties depends on the role of the Naggregator instance. If you happen to setup an instance for a small, restricted group of users, the administrative duties will tend to null as every project will have a dedicated set of resources, the users are free to register and the accounting duties are non-existant as every resource is free.

If you, on the other hand, offer a publically available service for a all users, you might chose to allow user registration on administrative approval only and you might offer the system resources on a payment basis which requires you to regularly manage incoming payments and the offered products.

Independently from the actual usage scenario, the system operator should browse through the administrative guides linked below to get the picture of tasks that might arise.