General runtime requirements

Application Server

Naggregator, being a J2EE application, requires an application server. At the moment, Naggregator can only be used within a JBoss Application Server instance version 4.0.4 or better since its MBeans use JBoss specific helper classes. The application server should be run using a Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 or later.

Library Requirement: If you chose to run Naggregator on a JBoss instance below version 4.2 you`ll have to make sure that the used JBoss run configuration provides the newer 3.x Apache Commons HTTPClient Library instead of version 2.0.2 which is included in the original JBoss distribution. You can either replace the library jar with the newer jar or just delete it from the /lib folder (the naggregator.ear file contains the correct library jar).


For the use of the internal mailing capabilities (statistical notifications, user registrations, order acknowledgments etc.), you will have to provide a SMTP account for the Naggregator instance.


Naggregator utilizes Hibernate for the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) - the mapping between the runtime data objects and an underlying relational persistency layer (the database). Naggregator supports PostgreSQL Version 8 and HSQLDB Version 1.8.0 out of the box:

Naggregator PostgreSQL BindingNaggregator connects against a PostgreSQL V8 backend that has to be provided by the user.
Naggregator HSQLDB BindingNaggregator connects against an internal HSQLDB database. This backend is intended for testing purposes only.