This is the 'Naggregator Incident Aggregation Server' project. The server acts as a centralized incident reporting instance within the BugWerk framework.

How it works

Upon installation, the server can be accessed immediately using the web surface. Here a visitor can create a user account and, using this account, register projects he wants the server to accept incoming reports for. Upon registration of a project, the server can be contacted over the external communicaton interfaces. Utilizing these interfaces, applications can store and access incidents reports.

A public Naggregator instance is available at www.bugwerk.com.

Quick start

For a quick and configuration-free Naggregator demo instance, download Naggregator HSQLDB-Bound EAR and drop it into your JBoss installation deployment directory (e.g. server/default/deploy). The login page will be available at http://localhost:8080/nag-web-jsp/user/entry/welcome (assuming a local installation). Login as test_user/test_user.

Warning: The used internal database is non-persistent and will not survive an undeployment or a JBoss restart and provides no mailing capabilities.