Welcome to the Showcase Library

Purpose of this package

This package contains code samples that illustrate the use of the Naggregator communication interfaces, the 'channels'.

Incident Roundtrip

The incident roundtrip class (Javadoc, Source) creates a simple exception and feeds the exception to Channel 1, the designated reporting webservice. Afterwards, the report is fetched from the naggregator instance using Channel 2, the data access webservice.

The codesample is not runnable as is; while a working webservice client is pre-generated using Apache Axis, it requires a running and accessible Naggregator installation. Please modify the code regarding the URL of that installation and play with it.

To compile the package, please check out and run mvn clean compile in the checkout directory. The webservice client will be generated on the fly using the bundled WSDL files. If you feel the need to compile/run the code using Apache Ant or something else, have a look at the compile/run dependencies.