Welcome To The BugWerk Project Page

What is BugWerk

BugWerk is a modularized set of programs and libraries that form an incident reporting infrastructure, enabling applications to catch, collect and report application hickups - thus closing the gap between the applications and the developer.

This project tries to offer an approach that is platform independent, automized and based on established technologies, interfaces and existing tools. All components of the infrastructure are independent from each other but are designed toward an easy integration and coupling.


BugWerk tries to establish a unified approach regarding a free and open talkback channel for applications.

The end user should see a reliable, trustworthy and transparent channel that helps the developer to build better and robust applications. The end user should see a channel that works without configuration efforts and gets active with a single click (if any).


All BugWerk components are licensed under the GNU GPL v2, client libraries are licensed under the GNU GPL v2 with Classpath exception. That way BugWerk remains open, but adapting application do not have to adapt the GPL.