BugWerk Framework Release 1.3


Release 1.4 is the second public release of the BugWerk framework and mainly features improvements in the logging server application, Naggregator.

Naggregator Upgrades

- Naggregator supports ticket synchronization with Bugzilla: a registered project can periodically synchronize new reports with a Bugzilla instance (uncustomized Bugzilla installations v2.18 - v3.0) (#1759932, #1723857, #1759929).

- A project can have multiple project members (#1724598).

- An administrative webfacade for accounting, project- and usermanagement (multiple tickets)

- Optional user registration mode requiring an administrative approval (#1723850).

- Internal refactorisations and improvements (multiple tickets).

Naggregator is now in a "feature complete state" which basicly means, that the internal application structure covers the areas Input (reporting of application incidents using webservices and possibly further interface types), Processing (storage of reported incidents) and Output (Synchronization/Forwarding of reports to Issue Managing Applications and accessibility of reports via webservices). Further releases of Naggregator will concentrate on these areas by supporting further Issue Managers and reporting interfaces and general code improvements.


Naggregator 1.4 requires a Java Runtime version 1.5 or better.