BugTrap Showcase


If you want to see the BugWerk infrastructure in action, you should have a look at the BugTrap-Showcase application. Showcase is a simple application that integrates the BugTrap Sensor Module and a couple of BugTrap plugins and exists for demonstration purposes.

Showcase lets you generate sample application errors using a GUI which are internally reported to the bundled BugTrap facility. With a single click you can report the provoked incident reports to the public Naggregator Service where you can inspect them immediately using the web interface.

Before you go on and download Showcase, you should register at the Public Naggregator Service and register a sample project (please note the project name you register) as the Public Naggregator Service rejects reports for unkown projects.


  1. Register a User Account at the Public Naggregator Service
  2. Register a sample project (invent a name or use an existing one)
  3. Download BugTrap-Showcase from sourceforge.net
  4. Unzip Showcase, start it: java -jar bugtrap-showcase-library-VERSION.jar
  5. Create a couple of incidents, submit them
  6. Log in at the Public Naggregator Service, inspect the reports you just created

Have a look at the Sources and Javadoc to get a feeling for the inner working.